Thursday 24 November 2022

Ideas, Motivation and Writer's Block

I was always fascinated with the internet even before we had an internet connection in my house. Websites being the face of the internet were at the centre of that fascination. Right from creating a blog for my then active technology YouTube channel to learning web development from YouTube videos to just creating static local HTML pages, I kept finding ways to have my space on the net. Having my own domain where people could go and read what I wrote or just see my website was the dream. 

Exactly a year before I remember entering my payment details on my domain registrar's website while purchasing this domain which I was very happy was available. I had decided to buy this domain as a gift to myself for cracking my job interview and landing myself a placement offer in the 7th semester of my undergraduate itself. "So, what's the problem?" one might ask. Well since the date of purchase to this day I haven't posted a single blog entry to the blog that I imagined would be flooded with the gems of thoughts that my brain would come up with. In hindsight, it was never a problem of lack of ideas as well. I was able to come up with multiple nuggets of thoughts that one could have chased to make them type from a sentence or two to Paul Graham-style long-form essays. Then why was I not able to do so? Well the reason I believe was very simple. Writer's Block. A condition where a writer is not able to come up with new work. Although my case does not completely align with the definition I think that it does point in the right direction. Frequently when reminded about my ownership of this blog I would daydream about how I was just a few good ideas or the perfect motivating Sunday afternoon away from penning down my first blog post. But unfortunately those would remain what I correctly described them as: daydreams.

One of my motive to publishing this post is just to get the ball rolling. I believe the only way for me to get out of this rut and to actualise the ideas I get into blog posts is to just open my laptop and start typing. Will my posts be the best literary work this world has seen? Not really, I have no plans for it to be that way. I hope to just be able to document what I think about on this blog because instead of boring the brains out of someone I know I would rather ramble on the internet. If I did bore you with all of this then well it was your choice to read it in the first place wasn't it?